Monster X

Cat's outta the bag!

NEW FOR 2018-19 - NOW OPEN!

The monsters are calling...

Panorama's got a new mean machine all fired up to take the bravest of the brave to face their fierce.

Meet Monster X: a snowcat that's more tiger than kitty, and roomy enough to take a dozen monster-whisperers into Panorama's newest monstrous terrain.

The Monster X terrain boasts four double-black diamond lines, this zone is where the wild things are. It's big and brutish. It's steep and deep. It's downright epic. And the best way to reach it? In the belly of a monster. Er, Monster X, that is.

This snowcat is for the fearless souls who like to arrive in style. It's for the rugged peeps who'd rather save their energy for the real stuff, the real dragons, the real slaying.

Get a Monster X season pass right meow and start sharpening those swords edges.

Monster X Tickets and Passes:

Tickets are required to ride the Monster X and can be purchased at Guest Services in Ski Tip Lodge.

Got a Season Pass? Why not get a Monster X pass to go with it? Single tickets and 4-packs also available. Tickets are valid until April 14 or until The Monster terrain is closed for the season.

Buy Monster X Pass  Buy Monster X 4 Pack  Buy Monster X Single Ride

(age 18-64)
$199 +tax $49 +tax $15 tax incl.
(age 13-17)
$179 +tax $44 +tax $13 tax incl.
(age 6-12)
$159 +tax $39 +tax $11 tax incl.
(age 65 - 74)
$179 +tax $44 +tax $13 tax incl.

This is not a ski pass or lift ticket, it is snowcat transportation only. A valid lift ticket or pass for the day is also required. Please also note that the Monster X program is not a guided cat ski experience. Think of it as a cool new ski lift that happens to have tracks that gives access some awesome terrain. Unlimited Individual Season Passes are not transferable, shareable nor refundable. Monster X Cat Season Passholders will be identified by a unique 2018 hologram sticker affixed to their Season Pass.

Monster X Operating Hours & Dates

 Monster X operates on Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 3:30pm. Extra days include: December 28 & 31, January 1, 4, 10, 17, 24 & 31 and February 18.

  Tuesday 1st
Wednesday 2nd
Thursday 3rd
Friday 4th
Saturday 2nd
Sunday 3rd
Saturday 2nd
Sunday 3rd
Saturday 6th
Sunday 7th
  Saturday 5th
Sunday 6th
Thursday 10th
Saturday 9th
Sunday 10th
Saturday 9th
Sunday 10th
Saturday 13th
Sunday 14th
Saturday 22nd
Sunday 23rd
Saturday 12th
Sunday 13th
Thursday 17th
Friday 15th
Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th
Monday 18th
Saturday 16th
Sunday 17th
Thursday 27th
Friday 28th
Saturday 29th
Sunday 30th
Monday 31st
Saturday 19th
Sunday 20th
Thursday 24th
Saturday 23rd
Sunday 24th
Saturday 23rd
Sunday 24th
  Saturday 26th
Sunday 27th
Thursday 30th
  Saturday 30th
Sunday 31st

Monster X Route

Monster X cycles from the Never Never Land entrance on Outback Ridge to The Monster plateau. A one-way trip takes about 10 minutes. 

  • The Monster
  • Spectre
  • Get Out!
  • Ridgeback
  • Jekyll & Hyde

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