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Open 7 days a week from June 26 to September 5, 2021.

The Panorama Bike Park celebrates old school riding while embracing the new directions and trends of the ever the evolving sports of downhill and XC mountain biking. The park’s roots are obvious in the braided labyrinth of burly tech DH trails.

The Bike Park is accessible from the Mile 1 Express Quad Chairlift.  

Summer 2021 

This summer will look a little different as we implement physical distancing requirements and other critical precautions around COVID-19. For more information about what to expect this summer, click here.

Opening dates & hours
  • 10 AM - 4 PM
  • June 26 - September 5: Open 7 days a week! 
2021 Bike Park Day Ticket

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Discover more about reloading RFID tickets with the Panorama Advantage Card.

(age 18-64)
Buy Now $65 $53
(age 65+)
Buy Now $57 $46
(age 13-17)
Buy Now $57 $46
(age 6-12)
Buy Now $39 $32

2021 Bike Park Season Pass 

Ready to ride?! With modern flow trails and progressive jump lines the Panorama Bike Park just keeps getting better and better each summer. Get in on the action with a Bike Park Season Pass. Your best option if you plan to ride 4 days or more.

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Adult (18-65) Buy Now $259
Senior (65+) Buy Now $219
Youth (13-17) Buy Now $219
Child (6-12) Buy Now $189

A Summer 2021 Bike Park Season Passholder may be eligible for a full or partial refund in the event they are unable to use their pass because of a Bike Park closure of 30 days or more due to a public health order or public health emergency. The Season Pass will cease to be valid when a refund is processed and cannot be used again in the Summer 2021 season. SEE TERMS & CONDITIONS BELOW.

Terms & Conditions 

  • Terms & Conditions

    General Bike Park Ticket and Pass

    • The Bike Park is accessible from the Mile 1 Express Quad Chairlift. 
    • Our lift tickets and passes are RFID cards and allow you access to the Panorama Advantage program. There is a $5 deposit for card use. All RFID plastic cards are reusable and can be reloaded with many Panorama experiences. Any lost RFID cards will have a $5 replacement fee. 
    • Please note that all tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable nor can they be resold. Tickets are also revocable for misuse.
    • Subject to seasonality, availability and change.
    • Special lift ticket deals cannot be combined with any other specials or offers. Conditions apply to all promotions. Rates subject to change and cancellation without notice. All facilities and programs are 

    Bike Park Season Pass Peace of Mind Promise

    Season Passholder may be eligible to a full or partial refund in the event of a resort closure of 30 days or more, due to a public health order, public health emergency or otherwise.

    The Peace of Mind Promise does not cover COVID-19 travel restrictions. We do not know what travel restrictions may or may not be in place during the Bike Park Season. You should only purchase a pass is you can safely visit Panorama in accordance to government-imposed travel restrictions as there will be no refunds if you cannot visit due current or newly imposed travel restrictions. Please adhere to governmental orders. 

    The Peace of Mind Promise does not cover injuries, medical conditions.

    0 Days 100% of Purchase Price
    1 Days 75% of Purchase Price
    2 Days 50% of Purchase Price
    3 Days 25% of Purchase Price
    4 Days No Refund

     Visit our Mountain Biking Page to discover more about riding at Panorama.

  • Mountain E-Bikes

    E-Bike access to the bike park is permitted for 2021. You must purchase a regular Bike Park Ticket or Season Pass to gain access to the Bike Park. Head to the Mile 1 Quad chairlift to scan your RFID ticket at the Hiking/ Uphill biking entrance. From there follow the flag line up the designated trail under the chairlift. No more lift lines, just scan your ticket and pedal up.

    *Please note E-Bikes are not permitted on the chairlift. This is mainly a weight issue. If you remove the battery we will permit you on the chair.


Hopeful Creek Trails

*Please note there will be no lift access above the Mile 1 Express to access the Hopeful Trails summer 2021. These trails are not regularly maintained and appropriate precautions should be taken. 

The Hopeful Bike Trails require an uphill ride or a hike-a-bike from the top of the Mile 1 Express Quad to access the trails from the summit. The ride from the Mile 1 to the top of the Champagne chairlift is challenging due to its consistent assent. Please be prepared with plenty of water. The up track from the top of the Champagne chairlift is purpose built and a little easier.

Single Ride Lift Tickets
If you are just looking to ride Hopeful and not the Bike Park as well, a one-ride ticket for the Mile 1 Express chairlift is available from Guest Services.

  • Know Before You Go

    The Hopeful trails are not part of the Panorama Bike Park. Users must be prepared to overcome the challenges of a remote mountain environment including wildlife, weather, mechanical failures and injury. Make a trip plan and share it. Tell someone when you expect to return. The Hopeful trails are challenging high alpine riding with varied terrain throughout the trail. Experienced riders only should use these trails.  

    Suggested equipment includes but is not limited to:

    • Backpack
    • Water
    • Food
    • Tubes, pump, patch kit tools
    • Clothing (layers)
    • First Aid kit
    • Headlamp
    • Sunglasses 
    • Phone (with a camera of course!)

    Wear a helmet, ride within your ability, never ride alone and stay on designated trails.

  • Trail Information

    From the top of the Mile One Express: take Mercy Me. Turn left on the first service road and look for Hopeful Adventure sign. Stay on service road and follow Summit Access signs.

    From the top of Champagne Express: Follow the summit up track. 205 m / 672 ft elevation gain

    From the Summit: head south east along the ridge of Taynton Bowl. Follow the Summit to Hopeful signs for GLD and McKay trails. The entrance for GLD begins on the right between ski runs Never Never Land and Jekyll & Hyde on your left. The ski area boundary takes you past Goldie Lake to a pass where you will find the old McKay Outfitter's cabins. Both GLD and McKay trails connect into the Hopeful descent back to the Bike Park. 

    The Hopeful Trail Network is primarily located within the Panorama Mountain Resort Controlled Recreation Area (CRA), Motorized vehicles are prohibited. 

    Mapping and trail information is available on Trailforks. 


    Trailforks: Hopeful


  • In the event of emergency
    • Recognize that an accident has occurred. Acting quickly will help the patient.
    • Prevent further injuries to yourself, the patient, and other riders by closing the trail from the uphill side. Lay a bike across the trail in a spot that is easily visible
    • Call for help 250.341.3650. Save this number into your phone. It's on your lift ticket. If warranted call 911.
    • Stay with the injured person (you may need to change location to find a cellular signal).
  • Animal Awareness

    Panorama Mountain Resort is surrounded by some of the most rugged mountain terrain in North America. The alpine meadows, forests and valleys are frequented by wildlife. Bears and cougars tend to avoid human-contact so hiking in larger groups and making lots of noise helps avoid aggressive encounters. Wearing bells, talking or singing helps alert animals to your presence without startling them. Do not approach wildlife to take photos. You may consider carrying bear spray; remember that this is a deterrent and not a life-saving device.

    Never bike alone! Travel in groups when venturing away from the village. There is safety in numbers. Wear bells, talk or sing. Bears and cougars tend to avoid human contact, so make noise to let them know you are in the area. Always use animal proof garbage bins. Animals are attracted to garbage and once habituated often have to be destroyed. If you see a deer, remember: Give it plenty of room, During fawning season doe are aggressive and territorial in the protection of their young. Guests with dogs must take extra caution. Fawns are well camouflaged and very difficult to see. If you see a bear or cougar: Remain calm; don't panic. Bring children and pets to your side, never approach the animal and do not run from it. Warn others of the animal’s presence, without yelling. If you’re on Panorama mountain, report the sighting and location to a bike park patroller or lift operator. If you are in the village, call Central Check-In by dialing 0 from any phone in the resort.

  • Mountain Biker's Responsibility Code

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