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- Our slopes are now closed for the winter season. Please stay off the mountain as machinery may be at work at any time to tear down from the winter and to get us ready for the Bike Park to open on May 18. See you in summer! -

You want a warm and sunny closing day? You got it! Similar to yesterday, the party vibe will be greatly enhanced by the weather. Skiing wise, it's sooo spring! Any early firmness on groom should be but a memory after lunch. Away from prepared slopes, softening takes a little longer on sheltered aspects, with sun soaked slopes softening smartly. Navigate melt patches for some fun summit frontside and Sun Bowl, where the road out may be a bridge too far today, and perhaps require a little hike in places. Still loads of snow cover in the upper and middle Zone. Still plenty of fun for the last crack at it today!!!

Red Bull Slopesoakers was a great event, and ironically, it was a guy who kept dry that took out the title. Congrats to a popular winner, the born & bred hometown hero! The Slush Showdown goes from 1PM today, for many a throwdown and splash up!!

We owe a debt of thanks to all associated with grooming this season - to have kept us skiing top to bottom 'til the end has been an effort and a credit!

A rewritten classic to say goodbye...until next winter!!!
To The tune of 'Dream A Little Dream Of Me' - I'm sure many of you know this one?!
Copy and paste the link for an instrumental:

Clouds gathering above you.
Panorama, obscured from the clear blue.
Heavy laden branches of the pine trees.
Dreaming of snowfall, that's me!

Say "nighty-night" and sleep now.
Replenish energy in hope of some deep pow.
Awaken early, to see what will be.
Dreaming of snowfall, that's me!

Season closing, but I linger on here,
Awaiting that bliss.
Next winter, it's dawn will soon be near.
Our mount snow-kissed...

Sweet dreams 'til snowflakes find you.
The warmer times, you'll just have to grind through.
Then in December, surely you'll be,
Dreaming of snowfall with me!

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Current Weather

1:30AM 26 May, 2024

Mid Mountain 2160m


Summit 2365m

Weather Information

Tomorrow's Forecast

9:04pm 25 May, 2024


A mix of sun and cloud.

Freezing level: 2500 metres.

Ridge wind west: 15-30 km/h.

Lifts, Trails & Grooming


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Lifts Open


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Weather Forecast

9:04pm 25 May, 2024


Alpine temperature: Low 5 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
Cloudy with clear periods.
Freezing level: 1900 metres.
Ridge wind west: 10-30 km/h.


Alpine temperature: High 14 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
A mix of sun and cloud.
Freezing level: 2500 metres.
Ridge wind west: 15-30 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 6 °C, High 17 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
A mix of sun and cloud.
Freezing level: 3100 metres.
Mostly light ridge wind occasionally gusting to 30 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 11 °C, High 16 °C.

Precipitation: 5 mm.
Mainly cloudy with sunny periods and scattered showers.
Freezing level: 3200 metres.
Mostly light ridge wind occasionally gusting to 50 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 5 °C, High 13 °C.

Precipitation: 10 mm.
Freezing level: 2600 metres.
Mostly light ridge wind occasionally gusting to 35 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 5 °C, High 12 °C.

Precipitation: Trace.
Cloudy with sunny periods and isolated showers.
Freezing level: 2500 metres.
Ridge wind light to 20 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 3 °C, High 18 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
A mix of sun and cloud.
Freezing level: 3000 metres.
Ridge wind light to 15 km/h.


Alpine temperature: Low 8 °C, High 16 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
Mainly cloudy.
Freezing level: 3000 metres.
Light ridge wind.


Alpine temperature: Low 9 °C, High 12 °C.

Precipitation: Nil.
Cloudy with sunny periods.
Freezing level: 3200 metres.
Ridge wind light to 15 km/h.

Champagne Express Cam

2,160 m / 7,086 ft -0.2°C|31.6°F

Mile 1 Express Cam

1,560 m / 5,118 ft -0.2°C|31.6°F



Closed =  Not expected to open today.

On-hold = Closed temporarily for assessment.

Delayed = Is not open yet, but is expected to open today.

Race in Progress = Closed to the general public. Terrain or lift open for racers, race organizers, race volunteers participating in the event abiding by event rules and safety regulations.

Updated at 9:08 AM 15 April, 2024
Name Level Status Groomed Comment
World Cup Way Closed
Skyway Closed
Grice Paddy Closed
Rollercoaster Closed
Chute Closed
Skyline Closed
Liftline Closed
Pod's Closed
Tacky Closed
Downhill Closed
Cow's Face Closed
Millennium Black Closed
Millennium Blue Closed
Elkhorn Closed
Canadian Way - Upper Closed
Canadian Way - Lower Closed
Silky Closed
Discovery Zone
Highway 1 Closed
Stringer Closed
Beginner Closed
Campbell's Canyon Closed
Canadian Discovery Closed
Trapper's Ridge Closed
Trapper’s Lynx Closed
Extreme Dream Zone
Tombstone Closed
Zone 2 Closed
Gun Barrel Closed
Laresser Lane Closed
Trigger Closed
Elmo Closed
Orca Closed
Mocha Closed
Latte Closed
Cafe Closed
Champagne Surf Closed
Fat Chance Closed
Dunes Closed
First Chance Closed
Pi Closed
Toadstool Closed
Surf Closed
Last Chance Closed
Messerli's Mile Closed
Founder's Ridge
Deck's Cross Closed
Madson's Mile Closed
McIntosh Way Closed
Strobl Strasse Closed
Zehnder Way Closed
Ostrander Alley Closed
Delesalle Closed
Bell's Landing Closed
Mile One
Powder Trail Green Closed
Showoff Blue Closed
Showoff Green Closed
Powder Trail Blue Closed
Loose Moose Closed
Moose Trail Closed
Old Timer Closed
Hay Fever Closed
Cliff Glades Closed
Secret Forest Closed
Getmedown Closed
Top of the World Closed
Tree Time Closed
HLH Closed
Tight Spots Closed
Roy's Run Closed
Outer Limits Closed
Picture Perfect Closed
Hideaway Closed
Schober's Dream - Upper Closed
Schober's Dream - Lower Closed
Schober's Glade Closed
View of 1000 Peaks Closed
Sun Bowl
Alive Glades Closed
Sunshine Closed
Sun Bowl Trail Closed
Sunburst Closed
Sundog Closed
Sunset Closed
Sunna Closed
Sunseeker Closed
Stump Farm Closed
C.F.I. Closed
Marshall Closed
Draino Closed
Lower Bowl Closed
Marker's Mark Closed
Solarium Closed
Sun's Out Closed
Village Way - Lower Closed
Village Way - Upper Closed
Fritz's Closed
Whiskey Jack Closed
Chicken's Choice Closed
Sunbird Closed
Triple Traverse Closed
Heaven Can Wait - Upper Closed
Heaven Can Wait - Lower Closed
Little Dipper - Upper Closed
Little Dipper - Lower Closed
Out Rider Closed
Detour Closed
Boomerang Closed
Taynton Bowl
Outback Ridge Closed
Heli High Closed
Heli Face Closed
Star Fire Cliffs Closed
Star Fire Closed
Cauldron Closed
White Room Closed
B-1st Closed
Donny B's Closed
Devil's Drop Closed
Ktunaxa Closed
C-Spine Closed
Stinger Closed
Kinbasket Closed
Whitetail Closed
Never Never Land Closed
Jekyll & Hyde Closed
The Monster Closed
Spectre Closed
Get Out! Closed
Ridgeback Closed
Funnel Closed
Landing Strip Closed
Taynton Trail Closed
Stash Closed
Yeti Closed
Paranormal Closed
Wild Thing Closed
Evasion Traverse Closed
Sidewinder Glades Closed
Stumbock's Closed
Turnpike 1 Closed
Sidebocks Closed
Terrain Park
Progression Closed
Horseshoe Closed
Eagle Glide Closed
New Timer Closed
2 Toby Closed
Over Easy Closed
Hoggs Flats Closed
Name Status Comment
Village Gondola Closed
Little Ripper Carpet Closed
Red Carpet Closed
Silver Platter Closed
Discovery Quad Closed
Toby Chair Closed
Mile 1 Express Closed
Sunbird Chair Closed
Champagne Express Closed
Summit Quad Closed
Monster X Snowcat Closed


About Snow Report Evan 2

What comes in 12’s? Months, the clock face, eggs and seasons of snow reports! The Wandering Wordsmith is back for his dozenth stint, on the scent for good descents! Meet your Snow Reporter:

His office is expansive, the heating bills are low
The floors are far from level, but the feng shui has good flow
All around, the views abound, but not through a window
Out and about on our fair mount, sliding on the snow!

Analytical tools aplenty, intel from the brainstrust, the knowledge and wisdom of the Panorama Avalanche Office, reports from the grooming crew, and the processing power possessed by the Countess of Accumulation, all combine to resource and inform your snow report.

In conversation with a weather station; providing explanation of the information; finding inspiration in precipitation; it's an interpretation with imagination! Not languid with his language, he knows his semaphore from his metaphor and his airhead's from his oxymoron's. Leading you to the rough diamonds and well groomed alike, it's all about explain and infotain for a net gain in our terrain!

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A mix of sun and cloud.

Freezing level: 2500 metres.

Ridge wind west: 15-30 km/h.

Current Weather

1:30AM 26 May, 2024

Mid Mountain2160m



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