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Lift accessed bike park that celebrates old school riding and new school flow.

Summer Panorama

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DH Mountain Biking Information

Mountain Biking at Panorama celebrates old school riding while embracing the new directions and trends of the ever the evolving sports of downhill and XC mountain biking. The park’s roots are obvious in the braided labyrinth of burly tech DH trails.



The Panorama Bike Park is accessed by the Mile 1 Express chairlift and combines the best of old school riding with burly tech DH trails, and modern with freeride trails and features throughout the park. 

Rider's must have a day pass or season pass to access the Bike Park. Purchase in advance, online to save up to 20% off your day ticket.

  •  Single track and machine cut trail
  • 30+ km

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2023 opening dates & hours
  • Preview weekends (weather permitting) May 20 - 21, 27 - 28, June 3 - 4, 10 - 11, 17 - 18
  • Open 7 days a week from June 24 - September 3
  • 10 AM - 4 PM
  • FBC Golden Hour is back - enjoy an extra hour of riding every Saturday from June 24 - Sept 2 (10 AM - 5 PM)
  • Subject to change

Extended hours every Saturday until 5 PM in the Bike Park (June 24 - Sept 2, 2023), meaning that you can session longer — all summer long! Presented by our partner in mountain adventure, FBC.


With over 30km of DH trails, and 380m (1,246 feet) of vertical to explore there's something for every ability of rider. 

  • 10% Beginner
  • 40% Intermediate
  • 50% Expert

Bike trails at Panorama are graded relative to other bike trails found within our bike park. Green trails are the least difficult. We recommend that all riders beginner or otherwise start with Let it Ride. Once you are comfortable on Let it Ride refer to the Trail Progression Guide to help you choose your next lap.



Falls are inevitable when learning a new sport. Protecting your pointy bits from abrasions is key to enjoying your day in the bike park.

Panorama has a full line up protective gear to rent.

Helmet  Helmets are required for all riders in the bike park. A full face helmet is recommended.
Gloves Full finger gloves will protect you from blisters and abrasions.
Knee & Elbow Pads Essential piece of mountain bike protection.
Shoes Sturdy soled closed-toe shoes are essential for protection and support.
Eye Protection Goggles or sunglasses will protect against dirt, dust and branches.
Long Sleeve Shirt Long sleeves provide protection against scratches and sun exposure.
Water Whether it is in your back pack, hip pack or in a holder, water will keep you hydrated and keep you going on the trails.


  • What type of bike is best?


    • Bikes with front and rear suspension (full suspension) are recommended.
    • Bikes should be equipped with disc brakes (front and rear).
    • All bikes must have hand brakes. Foot or coaster style brakes are NOT Permitted.


    A downhill specific bike is the best way to get the most of your day in the Bike Park. All levels of rider should consider a downhill bike for park riding. Full suspension bikes are purpose built for riding downhill and handle all the bumps, berms, and jumps along the way. Mountain Outfitters have a fleet of Scott Gamblers that are well suited for all the trails in the bike park. 


    All-mountain bikes are becoming more capable and can be a good choice for riding in the Bike Park. These bikes are full suspension (front and rear) and differ from a downhill bike in that they are designed to pedal uphill, making them more versatile. We recommend all-mountain bikes as a minimum when riding in the park.  


    Cross-country bikes are the lightest and least suspended type of mountain bike. They are designed for pedaling cross-country type trails and are not ideal for a day of descending in the bike park. Scott Aspect bikes are perfect for riding the valley trail, monuments trails, and Lake Liliane and are available at Mountain Outfitters.

  • Can I ride an E-Bike?

    E-Bike access to the bike trails is permitted. You must purchase a regular DH trail ticket or Season Pass to gain access to the DH network. Head to the Mile 1 Express to scan your RFID ticket at the hiking / uphill biking entrance. From there follow the Valley Trail (towards Greywolf Golf Course) and up the designated access roads above the Cat Shop. See Trailforks for the Mountain Access (from Village) and Top of Mile One Access Trails. This is a service road - expect vehicle traffic. No more lift lines, just scan your ticket and pedal up.

    * Bikes weighing 50lbs or greater are not permitted on the Mile One chairlift. E-bikes can exceed this weight. If you have an e-bike, it must be weighed and approved at Mountain Outfitters before it will be granted access to the Mile One.

  • Mountain Biker's Responsibility Code


Know before you go

Summer Biking Safety

Make sure you have the best day out by knowing what to wear, what to bring, how to play safe and ride responsibly. Have a question? We have the answers.

Summer Safety
Waiver, Liability

Exclusion of Liability

So, what are you waiting for?

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