The Panorama Rental Pool Program

Professional nightly management means less stress


Panorama attracts visitors from all over the globe who choose to vacation here for our location, variety of alpine adventures and our easy mountainside lodging. 

There are many benefits to being part of our rental pool and sharing your place with others. We've put together a list of information and frequently asked questions for you, however if you can't find what you need here please contact Homeowner Experience.  

  • Which units get rented first?

    The requests of guests are taken into account when allocating a unit to a booking, however it is explained to guests that it is not possible to guarantee a specific unit, view or feature. Our reservations team uses the Springer-Miller System to manage bookings.  

  • Contact information

    If you need assistance with issues relating to your unit you can contact the Homeowner Experience team directly or via The Homeowner Experience team act as a liaison between you and the various resort departments including housekeeping and maintenance. 

    Nel Schofield - Director of Lodging - 1.250.341.3025
    Lexie Moseley-Williams - Lodging Experience Manager - 1.250.341.3020

    If your inquiry relates to your building such as common property, landscaping and strata fees you should contact the strata management company or a member of the strata council for your property. 

    For all upper village condos & Aurora, Hearthstone, Riverbend townhomes , except Ski Tip Lodge please contact Mountain Creek Properties Ltd on 1.250.341.6003 or via

    For Ski Tip Lodge, The Lookout, Horsethief and Toby Creek please contact Teresa Steeves, Property Administrator for Gateway Property Management on 1.250.372.1231 (ext 4051) or via

  • Insurance coverage

    As a participant in our rental program, your unit has been added as an Additional Insured under our liability policy.This policy provides liability coverage for guests who are occupying the unit. It does not provide liability coverage during use by the owner or for the owner's personal guests, family and friends. You must purchase the following to protect your personal assests;

    • Personal contents
    • Rental income interruption
    • Personal liability
  • Damage or theft in your unit

    If any damage or theft should occur within your unit while it is rented to a guest, Panorama is responsible, unless classified as wear and tear and then you as the owner would pay for the repair. 

  • Maintenance benefits & annual checks

    The below is a list of routine maintenance items that will be provided to you at no cost.

    • Respond to all calls for maintenance to inspect and diagnose the problem
    • Inspect each Unit once a year to identify preventative maintenance needed
    • Replace all light bulbs as required
    • Minor touch-up painting as required
    • Unstop toilets, sinks and tubs as required
    • Replace batteries in smoke detectors, remote controls, card key locks and clocks as needed
    • Inspect and clean all vents, filters on appliances and ceilings; replace filters as needed
    • Reset/turn on circuit breakers
    • Make adjustments to and or lubricate screens, cabinets and sliding glass doors and all door locks
    • Replace standard plastic electrical wall plate covers, kitchen & drain plugs, when required
    • Respond to and inspect all appliance malfunctions
    • Repairs of parts less than $10 at no cost
    • Re-hang artwork, towel racks and other attached wall items


    Certain cleaning tasks that require the use of a ladder (cleaning ceiling fans) are not performed during the annual deep cleaning by our housekeeping staff. They are completed during the yearly maintenance room check at our cost.

  • How does maintenance work?

    Panorama Mountain Village Properties is responsible for the upkeep of the condominiums including maintenance requests and annual preventative inspections. Quick and efficient response to your unit's maintenance is a major objective of ours. Our Rooms Maintenance team maintains an inventory of commonly used repair items and tools. Maintenance requests are electronically dispatched and tracked for quick service to you and rental guests.

  • Can I make my unit non-smoking?

    All units managed by Panorama Mountain Village Properties are rented as non-smoking units. This is something that all guests are made aware of at the time of booking. As your unit is rented as non-smoking it is very important that you and your family and friends respect this policy for the comfort of guests who prefer non-smoking units or who have allergies.

  • How does housekeeping work?

    Housekeeping and maintenance is an essential part of the guest experience and we devote substantial management time to quality control. Housekeeping teams are designated in zones to assist quality and we perform inspections by trained supervisors to ensure that the quality of cleaning and unit presentation meetx our high standards.


    The below is completed following each reservation in your unit including your own stays.

    • Kitchen - clean all appliances, pots, pans, dishes, cupboards, scrub and clean floors, remove all left over food stuffs. Replenish amenities.
    • Dining Room - clean and disinfect table.
    • Living Room - clean windows, lamps, remove chair cushions and sofa cushions and clean, and make up sofa bed.
    • Bathrooms - wipe inside vanity drawers and underneath cabinet, clean toilet, bathtub, shower and scrub floor. Clean bathroom sink, replenish amenities.
    • Bedrooms - clean and vacuum under furniture, wipe out all drawers, clean windows, sills, change linens, make beds. Clean out closets.
    • General - check for damage, check inventory levels, maintenance items, sweep cobwebs, neaten and straighten all furniture and decorative items, and collect personal items left behind. Vacuum/dust unit.
    • Decks - furniture wiped and deck swept.
    • Deep Clean - completed in units once per year.

    Annual Interior Deep Cleaning services include all of the regular housekeeping services as well all items on the deep cleaning checklist.


    A clean mid-way through your stay can be arranged, for a fee, by contacting Homeowner Experience. The clean will include exchanging linen and towels, vacuum, replenish amenities, remove garbage and clean the bathroom.  


    A light refresh of your unit can be requested, for a fee, by contacting HomeownerExperience. The refresh includes exchanging towels, re-making beds, replenish amenities as needed, removal of garbage.

  • How do I recieve revenue from my unit?

    Our Lodging Revenue department is responsible for recording reservations, income and expenses for each unit. Payment is made by direct deposit within 30 days of the end of every calendar month to your Canadian bank account provided. Payment will be accompanied by a written statement prepared by the manager setting out the gross revenue, adjusted gross revenue, unit revenue share and your net rental revenue and any applicable deductions.

  • Why join our rental pool program?
    • Opportunity to generate revenue on your investment when you are not using it yourself.
    • Total room nights have been on the rise in the last 6 years.
    • Homeowner Experience Office has staff and facilities dedicated to servicing rental pool owners.
    • Express Owner Check-In service is offered at Central Check-In.
    • 24 Hour Front Desk Service is offered at the Central Check-In.
    • Free internet for rental pool owners (to commence May 1st, 2016).
    • A powerful and dedicated Marketing team that is focused on the promotion of Panorama Resort, targeting local and destination markets.
    • Full Service Central Reservation facility offering the guest the ability to book ski and golf vacation packages by telephone, email or by visiting our on-line booking center.
    • To broaden sales, we use online travel agents of: Expedia, and Travel Zoo.
    • Our revenue management team is constantly analyzing the market to set competitive prices for our guests and the resort.
    • Electronically-dispatched maintenance personnel provide quick service to owners and rental guests.
    • Professional and competent housekeeping team provides quality service to our guests and owners.
    • Hassle-free upgrade programs available through Homeowner Experience. Opportunity to purchase discounted items through bulk-buying.
  • What costs am I responsible for?

    A departure clean is required after your stay to make sure the unit is clean for the next arrival. This clean includes the changing of linens, towels, trash removal, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning of all surfaces and appliances. You are responsible for at least one deep clean a year. You are also responsible for any items that undergo wear and tear, which consists of any damage that is not intentional or malicious.

  • Friends & family bookings

    As an owner, you must book stays for family and friends wishing to use your unit. Those guests/co-owners indicated in Addendum 2.A or 2.B of your rental agreement may also book for your unit. 

    Stays given to friends and family are at no charge and you must provide their names to Homeowner Experience prior to their arrival. If you are a Lookout owner you must also indicate whether the departure clean will be charged to yourself or your friends.If the proposed guests names are not listed in the notes for your unit, Front Desk will not be able to give them entry. 

  • Owner self check-in

    Self check-in is a quick an easy option to access your unit when you arrive. The self check-in box is securely located at Central Check-In and subject to the below;

    • Up to date credit card information must be on file in order to get your keys.
    • Keys are placed in the self check-in box by last name, and no room number is displayed.
    • Keys will only be available for self check-in once the room is ready and it is after 4pm.
    • Keys are only available to the owner. If you have friends or family using your unit and the reservation is in their name the keys will be available from a Front Desk agent.

    If your keys are not in the self check-in box please ask the Front Desk team for assistance. 

  • Can I add personal items to the décor of the unit?

    Yes, but we try to limit the number of personal items in the units. The reality is that most rental guests consider this as public accommodations and not a private residence. The consistency in décor should reflect this. Also, we can't be responsible for your personal items and it would be terrible if anything happened to them. If you would like to have personal items out while occupying your unit please feel free to do so, then store them in your lockable owners closet before you depart. Please call if you have any questions regarding this policy.

  • Reserving your unit

    As an Owner, if you wish to use your unit you will need to complete an owner usage calendar for the Homeowner Experience team. Excluding The Lookout, you will receive an owner usage calendar twice a year. This is due January 1st for summer bookings and May 1st for winter bookings.

    Pre-booking allows us to better predict our available inventory, which in turn allows us to promote and fill the resort to maximum occupancy. As all dates booked according to the owner usage calendar are guaranteed, we ask that you plan cautiously and block off as many potential reservations as needed and cancel as necessary according to the cancellation guidelines of 14 days in regular season and 30 days in peak season.

    If you wish to request a reservation that is not indicated on your owner usage calendar you may do so 48 hours prior to your expected arrival date at which time your reservation request is subject to the availability of the unit. You will not be required to pay any fees, or surcharges for the use of the unit on days that were not noted on your usage calendar, except for the regular departure cleaning charge.

    The Lookout owners will receive their usage calendars for the following Summer through Winter weeks once a year, due January 1st. A minimum of 49 owner nights are required for The Lookout units within the rental pool between July 1st and June 30th each year.

    Please note, that as an Owner, you may not upgrade on an Owner stay due to our initiative to work to improve revenues overall for our Owners. Our goal is to be as fair and reasonable as possible with all Owners' interests in mind while at the same time seeking to maximize your benefit from the rental pool.

  • How often will my unit be rented?

    Based on prior years, the average annual occupancy at the resort is currently 35 percent and has been growing over the past 6 years. This figure takes into account occupancy of approximately 85 percent or higher in the winter season, growing summer business and quiet shoulder seasons. 

    Being a four-season resort, we are successfully driving more occupancy in quieter periods through a variety of initiatives including events, group and corporate business, through partnerships with tour operators who provide longer stay bookings.  

  • How much will my unit rent for each night?

    In order to achieve the highest occupancy rates and the best overall usage, a variety of pricing options are used for individual guests, travel agents, tour operators, corporate and leisure travel groups and other business. Our Revenue Management team are constantly assessing our pricing and market placement to ensure consistent occupancy levels and optimize owner revenues.

  • What does the management fee include?
    • Management of the rental pool by Homeowner Experience.
    • Owner reservation bookings and changes 7 days a week in-season (Winter & Summer) and Monday to Friday in the shoulder season (May, June, September, October, November)
    • Owner concierge service 7 days a week in-season and Monday to Friday in the shoulder season. 
    • Full service Front Desk, available 24 hours a day, year round. 
    • Year round bell services.
    • Housekeeping services for all guest reservations. 
    • Rooms maintenance, including complete annual room checks.
    • On-site telephone system connected with Front Desk and voicemail service. 
    • Information technology system that connects resort outlets and reservations.
    • Partner programs with a variety of activities to help drive occupancy (golf, heliskiing, snowmobiling, rafting and more).
    • A marketing team that promotes and activity positions Panorama within key Canadian and international markets. 
    • Our sales team consisting of reservations agents using worldwide connections and wholesale and groups consultants for events, weddings, racing, corporate and international sales. 
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