Panorama's Controlled Recreation Area

The land we manage in partnership with the Province of British Columbia


A Controlled Recreation Area license of occupation is the legal mechanism that gives the right to the Developer to control access and use by other persons within the defined boundaries of the CRA. The CRA enables the Developer to:

  • Establish and delineate a recreation area boundary within the CRA and designate that boundary by notices, posted signs, fences or otherwise.
  • Regulate and prohibit the access, and entry of persons and vehicles to the CRA.
  • Control, prohibit and direct the movement and activities of persons and vehicles with the CRA, and:
  • Take trespass action against persons who are in non-compliance with the above.


  • Motorized recreational vehicles including snowmobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, cars and trucks are not permitted within the Panorama Mountain Resort Controlled Recreation Area.
  • Any persons entering this area for the purpose of motorized recreation will be considered trespassers within the Panorama CRA.
  • Hunting, trapping, and shooting activities are also not permitted within the CRA.

Uphill Travel Policy


Panorama is open to uphill travel from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily until the last day of the ski season, or if otherwise posted due to low snowpack or hazardous conditions.

The designated uphill travel route is Stringer to all of Founder’s Ridge Terrain. Taynton Trail, Deck’s Cross, Messerli’s Mile and Campbell’s Canyon are closed to uphill traffic.

Uphill travel is prohibited on all other parts of the mountain.

This policy is intended for the safety of Panorama’s employees and the public. In the Province of British Columbia, the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resources Operations authorizes PMR to operate on crown land through a Controlled Recreation Area License (CRA). This license obligates the holder to control, prohibit and direct the movement and activities of persons and vehicles within the CRA.

For more information please visit or

Uphill travel map

Motorized Vehicles

Panorama’s CRA is closed to all forms of unauthorized motor vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to motorcycles, snowmobiles and trucks or cars.

Alpine skiing & snowboarding

Panorama Mountain Resort (PMR) is closed to uphill travel during our snowmaking season. This season runs from first snowfall through to January 21.

PMR reserves the right to, and will implement a ban on alpine skiing in the CRA if and when it is deemed unsafe for public use.

Current information on the status of alpine skiing in the CRA can be obtained through the Mountain Operations Department: 250.341.4121


The PMR CRA includes all lands south west of Taynton Creek, over Panorama Mountain and Mount Goldie extending to the height of land above Hopeful Creek. In addition to this, the entire Placer Road is under a road use permit issued to Panorama Mountain Resort with permission to install and lock a gate located at the western end of the road.


There is NO CAMPING within the Panorama Mountain Resort CRA. This is due to lack of potable water, available washrooms and the risk to wildlife and potential wildlife conflict. On occasion for pre-planned/pre-registered special events a designated zone is available for camping for event registrants. Event registrants will be made aware of this opportunity prior to the event.  

Drones and other Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

Panorama Mountain Resort does not permit the use of drones or other Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) within its Controlled Recreation Area (CRA). 

The Canadian Aviation Regulation states that it is illegal to pilot a RPAS within 1.9km of any heliport. Panorama is home to RK Heliski. The heliport from which it operates is located in the heart of Panorama’s village.

You are responsible to fly your aircraft safely and legally. You must follow the rules set forth in the Canadian Aviation Regulations and respect the Criminal Code. Canadian Aviation Regulations are enforced by Transport Canada.

Any evidence regarding breech of this policy will be reported to Transport Canada and the RCMP. In addition, privileges at Panorama Mountain Resort will be revoked and criminal charges may be pursued.

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