RFID Lift Access Technology

Learn more about Panorama's new lift ticket system


Panorama is pleased to announce that all lift tickets, frequency cards and passes are RFID cards.

How to use it

  • Store your card in a pocket on your left-hand side. Keep it away from phones, credit cards, and foil as those items will interfere with the antenna and may cause your card not to work.
  • When you approach the RFID gate, put your goggles up, wait for the gate to beep and open then proceed through. There is no need to show your pass. If there is an issue with your pass, there is a friendly lift attendant there to help.  
  • After the day is done, keep your card and load new days onto it or return it to Guest Services for your $5 deposit refund.
  • You can reload your pass anytime at PanoramaResort.com/tickets-and-passes.




Although common in Europe and Australasia, RFID is relatively new in Canada. Here's what you need to know:

  • Can RFID be used to access my personal information?

    Each unique RFID card contains a multiple digit number randomly associated with a user profile. This profile is kept as a secure component of our point of sale system and user database. In accordance with privacy laws, your personal information is not shared with any third parties without your consent and you have access online via the eStore to check and update your preferences.

  • What information is stored on RFID cards?

    Each RFID Card physically contains only the randomly generated number associated with each unique user profile. No personal or additional information is stored on individual RFID tags. Season Passes and Frequency Cards will also have a guest photo and name on the card like seasons prior.

  • What is RFID?

    RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. All of Panorama’s lift tickets including passes and frequency cards will contain a RFID antenna. As always guests will be required to carry a valid lift ticket before boarding the chairlift.

  • Can I exchange my card for candy?

    Ummm, no unfortunately. If deep powder, or silky smooth groomers are more your flavour, then yes this card will give you access to that.

  • How does this benefit guests?

    Speed and ease. The RFID pass can be reloaded at PanoramaResort.com/lift-tickets. This means you can buy a lift ticket online, pick it up at the window and then reload it back online. Or better yet do all your shopping online and only stopping by guest services once to get a card. Guests will also be able to have hands-free access to our lifts without digging around for tickets and passes.

  • How does it work?

    When you pass through the lift line and go through the new RFID gates, your card will be read and validated automatically. If you have skier days loaded onto your card the lights will change indicating that you can pass thru the turnstile. If your pass isn't valid, then a warning sound and red light will indicate there is a problem with your pass. Our friendly lift attendants will direct you to Guest Services to resolve any problems.

  • What happens if my access card does not work at the gate?

    We are here to help. A guest validation expert will help anyone in need of assistance but it might require a visit to Guest Services depending on the situation. There will be space in the queue to allow for this situation.

  • Where do I store and carry my RFID?

    The validation scanners are located on your left-hand side as you approach the gate. Store your access card in your left jacket pocket or sleeve pocket. You do not need to remove the access card from your pocket for scanning. You should keep your access cards away from credit cards, cell phones, iPods, aluminum wrappers, and all other electronic devices that may interfere with signal transmission. Many winter jackets have a small pocket or sleeve in the arm of the jacket or around the waistline. These pockets are specifically designed for RFID cards.

  • Do other ski resorts use technology?

    Although somewhat new to North America, RFID technology is the standard at ski resorts in Europe and Australasia. We anticipate more Canadian ski areas will adopt the technology in the coming years. RFID has also been used extensively in libraries, inventory control, manufacturing, and in identification cards.

  • Will RFID technology interfere with my wireless technology such as avalanche beacons?

    The radio frequencies used by RFID are assigned by regulatory agencies around the world to help ensure that no interference occurs. Avalanche beacons operate on 457kHz whereas the our SKIDATA readers are on the 13 MHz frequency, so no there is interference between the two.

  • What about pacemakers?

    SKIDATA lift access system is CE certified and complies with all standards. It was found that with the proper use of Skidata devices there is no danger for persons using pacemakers when passing hands-free entry systems at the lift. However, for general reasons of precaution and compliance with the applicable requirements, the standard recommendations for using electromagnetic units should be observed and the following rules should be adhered to: Guests with pacemakers should not wear their lift access media cards near the heart when passing through the gate and a distance of 8 to 12 inches should be observed in the case of queues and while passing through the gate. If you prefer not to pass through the gate, please alert our validation staff at the lift and you will be given alternative direction for lift access.

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