Racing Terms and Conditions

  • Panorama Mountain Resort accepts American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa. 
  • A non-refundable/non-transferable Booking Deposit of $500 is due within 7 days of confirmation.
    • If total amount due is smaller than $500, the total is due at confirmation.
  • Full payment is due 7 days prior to the team’s arrival. 100% non-refundable 6 days or less prior to arrival.
  • All monies paid are specific to the team and are non-transferable.
  • Should you choose to process the remaining payment on a different credit card, please give us sufficient advance notice.
  • Final dates, lift, tuning, rentals, meals & transportation details are required 7 days prior to arrival. Failure to do so may result in a $250 last minute fee.
  • Lift Passes:
    • Fully unused lift passes must be returned to the Racing & Competitions Team before your departure to be eligible for refund.
    • Partially unused lift passes will not be refunded.
    • In event of an injury, the remaining days of a partially used ticket will be refunded upon reception of a Panorama Ski Patrol report or doctor’s note.
  • Late cancellations on medical grounds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis accompanied by a valid medical certificate or doctors note.
  • If all roads to Panorama are closed by the RCMP (bad weather etc.), we will change your reservation to new dates, subject to new rates and availability.
  • Panorama Mountain Resort is not responsible for any unused portion of a guest’s stay. Panorama Mountain Resort strongly recommends to all its guests to purchase travel insurance in the event of lost days while travelling to/from or incurred while at Panorama.
  • We do our very best to accommodate special requests, however there may be times that we are unable to do so.
  • When possible, we'll notify you prior to arrival if we have to differ from your request.  
  • Having skis stored in lodging units or any attempt to tune skis in lodging units will immediately result in fines.
  • Upon arrival, you will need to present a credit card to pre-authorize a damage deposit:
    • $50 + tax for regular space
    • $100 + tax per premium space
    • Make sure to have a valid credit card on hand, no Visa debit.
    • The deposit will only be refunded once your wax room space has been cleaned, inspected and the keys have been returned.
  • Additional cleaning charges will be applied to any room left in an unpleasant state. It is strongly recommended that an adult chaperone or coach schedules a room inspection prior to departure.
  • Dye packs are prohibited inside any Contact the Racing & Competitions Team for a secure space for your dye pack ($1000 fine if found in prohibited spaces).
  • We will allocate tuning rooms based on the number of athletes and level of the team, availability dependent.
    • You will be issued two keys or a combination lock after a deposit has been made.
  • Brooms, dustpans, and garbage bags are provided in the tuning rooms. Please request extras or replacements from the Racing & Competitions Team.
  • Mealtimes are fixed, catering will not feed team members outside of those set times:
    • Breakfast: 7AM – 9AM
    • Lunch: 11:30AM – 1:30PM
    • Dinner: 6PM – 8PM
  • Meal locations may be changed as required; coaches will be informed at the coaches meeting no less than 24 hours in advance.
  • Upon arrival, you will be issued meal plan wristbands. To be served, wristbands must be worn to each meal, without exception.
  • Understand and adhere to the alpine responsibility code.
  • Helmets are mandatory whilst working on the mountain.
  • No RFID lift pass, no lift access, no exception.
    • Lift tickets are mandatory for mountain access and are scanned on each use of the lift. All must always carry their lift tickets on them when on the mountain.
    • It is highly recommended to take a picture of all lift passes; If lost or misplaced, we will be able to reprint with proof of purchase.
  • Respect your fellow athletes, coaches, and volunteers as well as resort staff and other resort guests.
  • Control your speed outside of training or racing venue.
  • Racers, coaches, volunteers do not have priority in the lift line.
  • Comply to all posted signs, appropriate lift practices, warnings, and closures.
  • Skis must be placed in ski racks, skis left on the snow or leaning on facilities or signage will be moved by Panorama staff.
    • No equipment or bags are to be left by the chairlift or mazes, on the ground or in traffic areas.
  • The Great Hall should be kept tidy.
    • Clean up after yourselves by clearing your plates and tables.
    • Store your bags in the assigned area.
  • In the event of an emergency on the mountain, contact Ski Patrol at 250.341.3650.
  • Any infractions to the Panorama Mountain Resort Code of Conduct will result in lift pass suspension without notice or refund.
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