Monstrous New Panorama Terrain

Panorama gets bigggrrrrrrrr!!!!

Posted 7 years ago

There's even more to the mountains!

If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough. 

This dream is big enough.

Panorama is pleased to announce the addition of four new runs! They're steep, exhilarating, and downright epic, this is a monstrous NEW terrain addition! We now have an additional 128 acres and a further 246 towering-feet of nasty, brutish and long terrain, suitable only for rock stars who can sleep with the lights off. For some maladjusted skiers and riders, this new terrain promises a lot of 'fun' in the vein of slaying dragons or mucking about with magic beans. But they say this terrain is where the wild things are, and so now it's what the wild things get to ride.

Yup, we have brand new monstrous names. So what's with all the monster business? Here's the tales behind the nightmarish new names.

The Monster
Once upon a time, the mountain let out a giant roar — an avalanche had been set off in order to tame some of this legendary backcountry terrain, and it bellowed down the mountainside. Those who witnessed it, said it was a 'Monster!'

Get out!
What every inner child yells at the monsters in the white room. For us, get out could mean get outside. Or it could mean just plain-old disbelief. "All these runs are named about Monsters? Get out!".

The Brocken Spectre, is a true mountain monster. The Spectre is a mountain phenomena, associated with spirits and giants. But like many monsters, the Spectre actually has a mountain-meteorological explanation, it appears when the sun shines and casts a shadow of a person on water or mist near a ridge.

Everyone who is anyone who reads knows that a Norwegian Ridgeback is a Dragon, (Hello Potter fans!). Those who ride this Ridgeback just might be draggin' their tails behind them by the time they get to the bottom. (Think big.)

Don't believe in monsters? Then they're likely never to be seen. But there's a pretty good chance that most who ride this monster are sure to become believers. Get up there, and we'll find out!

It may be the cup-of-tea only for those fearless individuals who light-up when staring down terrain that likely goes bump-in-the-night For the rest of us, there's more to the mountain... like warm covers and soft pillows, hot pools, refreshing beverages and a caring team who check under the bed. Come on up. We'll leave the lights on. 

Don't be afraid! Come check out where the wild things are, and see what we mean by there's more to the mountains!

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 Additional Information

Snowcat Rides to The Monster

$22 per person, per ride

An easier way to access our new monstrous terrain! Not into a hiking with your ski gear? Good news. We are now offering Cat Rides on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!

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