Paradice Mining Co.

Sift through the rough to find gems, fossils and shells.

A hands on sluice box mining discovery experience. Grab a bag of mining rough and pan for gem stones, artifacts, fossils and shells like gold miners from bygone years.

Summer Panorama

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Returning June 26, 2021
Operating 7 days a week this summer until September 5!

The mountains and valleys that surround Panorama are rich in mining history and stories of folks hoping to make their fortunes in these hills. Here’s your chance to sluice your way to wonder with our new treasure hunt panning experience! Paying homage to local heritage, Paradice Mining Co. is a hands on experience where you’ll pan for gemstones, arrowheads, fossils and shells.

First choose from several different bags of mining rough, then with a screening tray and a sense of discovery you’ll find uncover hidden treasures as the water of the sluice washes away the rough. Take your finds to the assay centre and identify what you found.

Come and get your hands dirty!

Health & Safety Practices

To ensure your wellbeing and that of our staff we request that you follow all hand hygiene, physical distancing and sanitation measures as directed by signage and our team. 

Hand sanitiser stations have been set up and all guests are required to sanitise upon entering the Discovery Zone and before each attraction.

There will be a maximum limit of 16 people in the Discovery Zone at all times. Physical distancing markers will designate where to stand within the zone and also while waiting to enter the area. We are kindly asking observers to remain outside of the Discovery Zone and that only one person per family accompanies their child into the area.

Mining stations will be set at two metres apart, and an attendant will instruct each participant when to step forward, and where they can leave their panning tray when done. 

All trays will be sanitised after every participant.

Where to purchase

Paradice Mining Co. tickets are part of the Activity Pack program and are available for purchase at Guest Services 10am - 4pm daily.


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