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Resort Operations Update: January 2, 2022

On December 21, 2021, British Columbia’s Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, said, “It's inevitable that most people in B.C. will be exposed to the virus (COVID-19).” The doctor also asked people to work from home, something front-line resort employees and the management group simply cannot do. We need to be at Panorama to serve you.

After close to two years of pandemic driven operational change, the Omicron variant presents a new and significant challenge. Dr. Henry was right when she said that most people would be exposed to COVID-19 and the full impact is now being felt with confirmed cases in our small Columbia Valley community.

Throughout the pandemic, Panorama Mountain Resort has rigorously adhered to BC health orders and guidelines. Protocols are in place to manage the situation for the safety of our workforce, our guests and residents. We remind all to understand what they need to do to help limit the spread of Omicron. The very latest COVID-19 information can be found here.

Our resort team offered a full range of services through the holiday season but in coming days we do anticipate that employee shortages will result in some operational adjustments. Staff members will do all they can to open everything, every day, but we will never compromise on safety. We all have to be realistic about the current situation! It’s important that you check for daily operational updates or follow our Facebook page to understand what to expect before you arrive at the resort.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this. Health and safety is our absolute priority!

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    Sunday, January 2, 2022, 11:30 AM (MST)

    Panorama is an independent resort, working closely with industry through the Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA). Decisions about our operations are made here but always in accordance with public health orders and guidelines, and industry best practices. 

    What are the rules at Panorama this winter? Here's what you should expect:

    • Masks are mandatory in all public indoor spaces for people aged 5 and older. There are no exemptions. If you are not wearing a mask, we'll ask you to put one on or leave the premises.
    • Mask use is not currently required outdoors or when riding lifts. It's your choice, but as Omicron spreads there can be no harm in wearing some sort of face covering.
    • Proof of Vaccination must be presented to enter select Food & Beverage establishments like Alto Kitchen & Bar, the T-Bar and Grill, Cliffhanger Restaurant, the Summit Hut, and the Elkhorn Cabin. A government issued, valid photo ID is also required at entry.
    • Currently (as per Interior Health), Proof of Vaccination is not currently required to enter the Great Hall or the Fireside Cafe.
    • Proof of Vaccination is not currently required to ride chairlifts or surface lifts.
    • Due to the unique nature of tours with Panorama's Mountain Friends, only those who are fully vaccinated (two doses of an approved vaccine) may participate.

    All orders and guidelines are subject to change without notice. 

  • RESORT OPERATIONS UPDATE. Wednesday, December 22, 2021, 4:00PM (MST)

    Wednesday, December 22, 2021, 4:00 PM (MST)

    Like me, you’ve probably been following Government announcements regarding the resurgence of COVID-19 and Omicron in particular. As we have done throughout the pandemic, the Panorama team will continue to closely follow British Columbia health orders and guidelines, because the health and safety of our community is our absolute priority.

    I’m sure you’ve also seen news about labour shortages across many industries, with resorts, tourism and hospitality businesses being hit harder than most. Panorama Mountain Resort is no exception.

    The resort team is doing all it can to provide you with a mountain of fantastic skiing and riding, and the best possible service too. The holiday season for us always means long days with very little time off, but we do it for the love of it. That known, illness will test us all this winter. Employees who are unwell are required to stay at home, call 811, and go for a COVID-19 test if advised to do so.

    The staff shortage mentioned above, along with ill employees needing to stay at home, means that we may have to prioritize what is open from time to time. This includes lifts and other parts of our mountain and village operations. Sometimes things just won’t go to plan.

    If it’s not safe or not possible to open any part of the resort operation, we’ll do our best to let you know as soon as we can. We have a special Facebook page where urgent operational updates will be posted and I encourage you to like or follow that page, or go to the Snow Report. There’s no doubt that changes will keep on coming.

    Before I go, I ask that you read BC’s current orders and guidelines to know what to expect in the days ahead. You can see British Columbia COVID-19 information here. I should also say that if you know of anyone looking for work through the holidays, or for the whole season, please ask them to apply on our Employee Experience portal.

    Thank you, sincerely, for your understanding. From my team to your family, all the very best for the holiday season. Here’s to even more powder in 2022 and much less worry about COVID-19.

    Kind regards, Steve Paccagnan

  • NEW GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA COVID-19 ORDERS. Wednesday, December 22, 2021, 2:00PM (MST)

    Wednesday, December 21, 2021, 2:00 PM (MST)

    The Government of British Columbia has implemented new COVID-19 measures. These are in effect from 11:59 PM on December 21, 2021, through until January 18, 2022.  

    Throughout the pandemic, Panorama Mountain Resort has closely adhered to Government orders, guidelines and best practices. Community and guest health and safety is our absolute priority!

    Things you need to know:

    • New rules apply to restaurants, pubs and bars.
    • Proof of vaccination along with Government issued photo ID is required to enter Alto Kitchen & Bar, the T-Bar & Grill and Cliffhanger Restaurant. There are no exemptions or exceptions.
    • The T-Bar & Grill is a full-service restaurant / pub, so remains open. Normal operating hours apply.
    • The Jackpine Pub is considered a bar as it does not offer sit down food service. It is now closed through January 18, 2022.
    • The Copper Crown Conference room will be available as a bagged lunch area. 
    • Festive parties and gatherings are not allowed. Restaurant dinners with plated service are permitted.
    • The Pine Inn Gym is closed through January 18, 2022, in accordance with the province-wide restrictions.

    The following applies at all venues that serve food or drink (including the bagged lunch area), regardless of whether Proof of Vaccination is also required at entry:

    • Masks must be worn by people aged 5 and older when entering or leaving any establishment (or leaving your table to go to the washroom). The only time you can take your mask off is when seated for service. No exceptions.
    • There can only be a maximum of 6 people at any table. No exceptions.
    • Physical distancing is in effect between tables. This means capacity in some venues is reduced.
    • You must remain seated and cannot move between or visit other tables.
    • The only time you can leave your table is to visit the washroom / bathroom, or at the end of your meal.
    • No dancing is permitted in any venue.

    For complete information please see the latest orders on the BC Government website.


    Wednesday, December 22, 2021, 5:00 PM (MST)

    Rules posted on the Government of Canada website change almost daily and we expect more adjustments and announcements in the days ahead. Simply, travel comes with risk at this time, and travellers need to be prepared for the situation on arrival to be different from what they may have expected.

    We understand that many travellers arriving at Panorama's gateway, Calgary International Airport (YYC), are now being tested for COVID-19 at point of entry. Travel partners tell us that 100% of arrivals from the United Kingdom and several European countries are receiving tests, with results taking between 24-hours and 36-hours.

    This known, testing is random and the ability to continue with travel plans depends on whether a test is administered. 

    Important: Panorama Mountain Resort will not provide food and other services to guests who have received an arrival test but wish to quarantine in reserved accommodations. There are no alternative food service providers in our area. Guests are not permitted to enter any store to buy provisions, nor can they enter any food and beverage venue. Because of this, many travellers are not permitted to travel to Panorama Mountain Resort for quarantine, so please read the following carefully:

    Scenario 1: An international guest who has booked Panorama accommodation and a shuttle transfer to the resort. They arrive at YYC from an overseas port and plan to travel to Panorama on the same day. They are selected at the border for a COVID-19 test.

    • The scheduled 1800 Panorama transfer service linking with flights from London, UK and Frankfurt, Germany, has been cancelled until further notice.
    • All guests will need to overnight in Calgary and wait for their COVID-19 test result.
    • Once a negative COVID-19 test result has been received, guests can transfer to the resort on the scheduled 1400 service.
    • Impacted guests should contact their booking agent for further information and itinerary changes.

    Scenario 2: An international traveller with a home at Panorama arrives at YYC. They plan to hire a car or catch a Panorama Shuttle and travel to Panorama on the same day. They are selected at the border for a COVID-19 test.

    • If the traveller cannot be totally self-sufficient until they receive their COVID-19 test result, they are required to quarantine in Calgary before proceeding. 
    • When in Panorama, can a friend buy groceries and take care of other needs until a negative test result is received (dropping goods at your door)? If a positive test result is received, will the friend be able to help for the mandatory 10-day quarantine period? If not, the traveller must quarantine in Calgary.
    • Stopping at a supermarket or entering any other food service outlet is not permitted. This applies at Panorama Mountain Resort for the entire quarantine period.

    Scenario 3: An international traveller arrives at YYC and does not receive a COVID-19 test. 

    • Unless directed otherwise by an immigration or customs officer, you are clear to travel to Panorama and continue with holiday plans. 

    Other things you need to know before travelling:

    • Check the Government of Canada’s current travel requirements and exemptions, and verify eligibility
    • Complete a pre-departure negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of boarding. For a list of accepted tests, visit the Government of Canada's website.
    • Download the ArriveCAN app via the App Store or Google Play in advance.
    • Submit mandatory travel information using the ArriveCAN app or website version, up to three days before arrival.
    • Show proof of your ArriveCAN submission on the app or website before boarding your flight to YYC.
    • Ensure you have proof of vaccination (preferably in physical paper form, rather than digital) with you.
    • Once arrived at YYC, have your ArriveCAN submission confirmation and proof of vaccination in hand to clear customs with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). *Note: you may subject to additional screening.
    • Collect checked bag(s) (if any).
    • All travellers, regardless of vaccination status or nationality, arriving from an international destination (excluding the U.S.) may be required to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival and quarantine until they receive their negative arrivals test result.
    • Travellers are not permitted to continue to Panorama Mountain Resort, unless they can be completely self-sufficient through the quarantine period.
    • Unvaccinated guests will continue to be tested upon arrival and day eight and quarantine for 14 days. However, they will be required to self-isolate in a designated quarantine facility while they await their arrivals test result.

    The situation in Canada and abroad is changing rapidly. At this stage the best advice we can give is that travellers fully understand requirements, knowing that restrictions can tighten in an instant.


    Food & Beverage

    Proof of vaccination (POV) is required to enter and use some resort facilities. This applies to all people aged 12+. Government issued photo ID must accompany your POV for those aged 19+. There are no exemptions or exceptions.

    T-Bar & Grill Yes Yes
    Alto Kitchen & Bar Yes Yes
    Jackpine Pub Yes Yes
    The Great Hall Yes No
    Fireside Café Yes No
    Cliffhanger Restaurant Yes Yes
    Snack Shack at Greywolf Yes Yes
    Summit Hut Yes Yes
    The Elkhorn Cabin Yes Yes
    Hut One Yes No
    Mountain Outfitters Café Yes No



    Public indoor spaces Yes No
    Business offices / places of work Yes No
    The Pine Inn Gym Yes Yes
    Panorama Springs Pools Entrance and Changing Rooms No
    Rentals - Mountain Outfitters Yes No
    Central Check-In Yes No
    Guest Services Yes No
    Hotel and condo common areas Yes No
    First Aid Clinic Yes No
    Valley Shuttle Yes No



    Toques & Tracks Yes No
    Ski Cabin Yes No
    Candy Cabin Yes No
    The General Store Yes No



    Mountain Friends (Alpine) No Double vaccination required
    Mountain Friends (Nordic) No No
    Lessons - Snow School No No
    Tandem Paragliding No No


    Outdoor Spaces

    Chair and Surface lifts No No
    Lift Lines No No
    Monster X Snowcat Yes Yes
    Ice Skating Rink No No



    Monday, October 25, 3:00 PM (MDT)

    Protecting the health and safety of our community and guests has always been our top priority. Since day one of this pandemic Panorama Mountain Resort has rigorously upheld Provincial Public Health orders, and closely followed all guidelines and industry best practices.

    Government of British Columbia COVID-19 orders remain in effect. These apply at Panorama Mountain Resort and in the Columbia Valley. Orders and guidelines change regularly but the latest information can always be found here.

    Like leading resort destinations across the country we’ve implemented a vaccination policy for all employees. This will be in full effect by the start of the winter season on Friday, December 10, 2021.

    Looking ahead to winter, this is what we understand:

    • Any COVID-19 vaccination requirement will be in effect until at least January 31, 2022.
    • Two doses of an approved vaccine are required (with the second dose received at least 7 days before access).
    • The vaccination requirement applies to the Great Hall, Alto Kitchen & Bar, the T-Bar, the Fireside Cafe, indoor organized gatherings like weddings, conferences, group events, etc., and gym and fitness facilities.
    • The mandate applies to all people aged 12+. There are no medical exemptions or exceptions.
    • To enter any facility, proof of vaccination and a valid photo ID is required. If both documents can't be presented, entry will be refused. 

    Other things to note:

    • Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces for all people aged 5 and older. There are no exemptions to this requirement.
    • At this stage, outdoor masking is not required to access lifts and the ski area this coming winter. This could change without notice.
    • At this stage, vaccination is not required to access the mountain, ski lifts or other facilities not currently included in the mandate. This could change without notice.
    • Information about vaccination requirements to enter mountain huts like Hut One, the Elkhorn Cabin and the Summit Hut will be available soon.
    • RK Heliski does require proof of vaccination for entry into the Heliplex or helicopter. Unvaccinated skiers and riders cannot fly with RK Heliski at this time.

    Travellers entering Canada from overseas are encouraged to fully understand vaccination requirements before paying for tickets and vacation components. Currently all travellers aged 12 and older must have two doses of an approved vaccine to enter the country. The definition of full vaccination in your home country may differ from that of Canada. Canadian regulations apply. Up-to-date and complete information can be found on the Government of Canada website.

    Panorama Mountain Resort respectfully asks that all community members and visitors understand BC rules before travelling or heading to any venue. Our team will strive to provide the best possible service and experience, while adhering to all health orders.

    Panorama continues to work closely with the Canada West Ski Areas Association, federal and provincial officials.


For More Information on COVID-19

If you feel sick or have been exposed to COVID-19, please complete the online British Columbia COVID-19 Self Assessment or call HealthLink BC at 811. 


Government of Canada – This website includes information about COVID-19 symptoms and treatment, preventative measure to limit the spread, travel advice, statistics on outbreaks and Canada's response. The Government of Canada has a COVID-19 Hotline 1.833.784.4397 or you can contact them by email at


BC Centre for Disease Control and HealthLink BC - More specific to the Province of British Columbia these links include information regarding spread, prevention, symptoms, advice and commonly asked questions. The HealthLink BC also provides information on Provincial Health Orders.


Interior Health provides information specific to the Interior Health region which Panorama and the Columbia Valley are a part of. You'll find information about testing and statistics for the Interior Health region. 

Local Health Resources

Medical services including clinics and pharmacies are located in the town of Invermere, 25 minutes from Panorama. 

Invermere Medical Clinic 250 342-9206

Chisel Peak Medical Clinic250 341-6900

Invermere COVID-19 testing facility (Interior Health) - by appointment only book online or call 
1 877 740-7747

Invermere & District Hospital (Interior Health)
250 342-9201
850 10 Ave, Invermere, BC V0A1K0

Emergency - 9.1.1
Police + Fire Department + Ambulance

Columbia Valley Taxi250 342-5262

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