Nordic Trail Conditions

A well-groomed cross-country system for all abilities

The Panorama Nordic Centre offers more than 20 km of groomed trails. Through forest and along Toby Creek, the network provides skiers of all abilities an uncrowded experience in spectacular mountain scenery.

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Nordic Skiing is Closed for the 2017-18 Season

See you next winter!

The following bullets contain information about our grooming schedule. This schedule may be altered, shortened or increased due to weather events such as snowfall, melt freeze or rain.

  • Wednesday: The following trails are groomed before opening: Valley Trail 1 and 3, Prospectors, Placer, Placer Outer, Pearl, Dragon Tail, Hale, Alder.
  • Saturday. The following trails are groomed before opening: Valley Trail 1 and 3, Prospectors, Placer, No Name, Dragon Slide, Delphine, Moose Meadow, Hale, Alder.
  • Please pay for trail fees at the Nordic Centre / Adventure Centre in Panorama’s lower village.
  • Panorama’s trails are multi use. Please do not damage the classic Nordic ski track.

Trail Conditions - Inner Loops

The following trails are located closest to the Nordic centre. They are referred to as the Inner Loops. They are groomed with a snowmobile and Yellowstone track setter. These trails offer a classic track and at times can be wide enough for skate skiing. These trails are relatively flat and great for learning. As such, they see heavy use from multiple user groups.

Valley Trail 1 Closed Closed
Valley Trail 2 Closed Closed
Valley Trail 3 Closed Closed
Prospectors Closed Closed
Notch Closed Closed
Creekside Closed Closed

Trail Conditions - Outer Loops

The following trails are accessed beginning with Placer. These trails are referred to as the Outer Loops. They are groomed with a full sized snow cat and are tilled and double track set. The Outer Loops offer the best classic and skate skiing experience at Panorama. For direct access to the outer loops, guests may choose to drive to the Greywolf Golf Course parking lot after paying for trail fees at the Nordic Centre. The Cliffhanger Restaurant is open for food and beverage, however it is not a day lodge. Hours of operation.

Placer Closed Closed
Placer Outer Closed Closed
Alder Closed Closed
No Name Closed Closed
Pearl Closed Closed
Hale Closed Closed
Delphine Closed Closed
Dragon Slide Closed Closed
Dragon Tail Closed Closed
Moose Meadow Closed Closed
Hopeful Closed Closed
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Freezing level: 4200 metres.

Ridge wind light to 20 km/h.

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