Evan Pacey

The wandering wordsmith is back for another season of masochistic 5:30 AM starts – he may have made his bed, but it seems he is unable to lie in it! Here is his bio:

A transplanted Aussie via the UK, he can still be heard lamenting that with his accent, he used to be special around here! Having been on the mountain more winter’s than not over the last decade and a half, he’s seen the constant evolution that is Panorama, and still finds plenty to turn his head amongst the massive variety of terrain.

Enjoying the easy option of chairlifts up and gravity feeding down on either one or two planks, Evan spends the majority of his winter on the mountain. Be it teaching with the Ski & Ride Centre, volunteering adaptive technique with PASS, or simply making tracks for the pure joy of it, he’s rarely off snow for any great length of time. (That said, he can often be found perking up on a Lusti’s coffee, or regaling in the T-Bar after the odd social lubricant – we all know what happens with all work and no play!)

Working in conjunction with the Panorama Avalanche Office, and with backup provided by the Countess of Accumulation, he intends to info-tain you throughout the season, direct you to the well groomed and the rough diamonds alike, and provide the interpretations that are the stories behind the figures. Now buckle up, strap in and ride off into the sunset...

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A mix of sun and cloud.

Freezing level: 3300 metres.

Ridge wind light to 15 km/h.

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