No Malarkey Snow Update Mar 29 - Apr 4

You can't stop the winter! (Yes April, I'm talking to you!)

This winter has been irrepressible! Back when we thought spring had come on strong, we very quickly realised it was actually Spr-inter. Now, the advent of April still hasn't seen any submission - winter has a hold up top and it's not willing to let go! Of course, this may be upsetting some people and to them I say: folks it's not that bad. Spring weather has been seen, with warm afternoons keeping the patios busy in the village and the tan topping up while the favourite beverages are heartily imbibed. However, if it's good riding you're after, we've had the snow gods continue to answer prayers...

Summit HutTaynton sign snow

We came into the Easter long weekend with settled powder out back and firmer to softening slopes throughout the days on the lower slopes. Then, into the weekend, a little top up of course! 4cm up top over the 24hrs into Sat AM and dropping temperatures as a precursor of an Alaskan system. There was a ton of good skiing to be had, with grippy groom on many frontside runs, and clumped powder on the Monster, contrasting with spring skiing on Ridgeback, showing that an inspect of the aspect rang true to our suspect! Sunday continued the cooler temperatures, welcoming in the first of some blowing snow for the afternoon, and we held our collective breath for what would eventuate. Come Monday morning, many folks looked out the window and figured I had missed the mark on the figures, as the 2cm in the village looked short of the forecast. However, things were different up top as we reached double figures and had a little wind loading to boot (well, over at times as it happens!).Cat and Ev Heli High sign

 I was lucky enough to get out riding with some of the local brainstrust who'd been shocked after returning the day before from +30C heat in Central America! They jumped at trading the waves for the powder, and several laps through Taynton and the Zone had us wearing broad smiles and many face shots from the light, blower pow and marvelling at the quality and coverage of the season as a whole and April in particular!! Here's a few more shots dropping in from about halfway out along the ridge, that might make you ache if you figured that heading home early on Monday was the way to go...

Board Ev Kinbasket snowDy Kinbasket Pow

 As our last week of full operation has continued, the powder has settled somewhat, and temperatures for the upper half of the mountain have remained quite cool, staying well below zero for the most part. We are still riding turns in untracked (seems that we've been at it all season really!) or soft tracked snow, with conditions at their most prime in the shaded aspects. 

With only a few days left of full operation (don't forget the bonus weekend), we may still yet get some more snow!! Forecasts have some more moisture coming in and with warming temperatures it may be mixed precipitation across elevation, although the modelling is not yet conclusive. Either way, we're intent on bringing some sun and smiles into the mix too with the Superhero Sunfest weekend going underwear on the outside!! The 4000ft leg burning descent of the Peak to Valley, the hydroplane heroics of the Slush Showdown Pond Skim, and the statuesque stylings of the Dummy Downhill are all there for bragging rights against the buddies, and some sweet profile pics to share out in the ether. 

We're really bringing it home strong (with Mother Nature and Old Man Winter contributing a touch), and in a season where we saw the Monster and it's far side affiliates coming inbounds, it's seemed like mid season conditions out back all the way from go to whoah!  We couldn't have asked for a better intro for the new terrain, and I'm hoping we'll all be back for more of the same next season!! 


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