No Malarkey Snow Update Feb 14-20

Happy Valentines: no time for sentimentality - unless of course you are referring to the mountain!

Valentines Day kicked off this weeks period, and while the price of flowers jumps, the snowflakes come at the same price. I was feeling the love for a certain bowl, and with a re-write of the song made popular in the 80’s by Soft Cell, I expressed it:

 ‘Taynton Love’

Sometimes I feel I've got to;
Ski all day, I've got to;
Make a play, for the place speaks to the heart of me.
The love we share;
We drop a line most anywhere;
From the ridge, it looks a sight;
Powder turns both left and right.

Once I rode through you (I rode);
Now there's more it's true;
This Taynton love you've given;
Hit lots of lines, but more to try too;
It may take years but I'll still heed the call!
Taynton love!
Oh oh oh, Taynton love...

Down through the trees;
Snowloading deeper on the breeze;
I love you, though you tire me so;
Yet I'm off out back for another go!
Taynton love;
Oh oh oh, Taynton love...

IMG 20190217 132401

B-1st contemplation while Mt Goldie stuns as a backdrop - Feb 17

 We had a couple of small top-ups coming into the Family Day weekend, and that was a great way to kick things off, as small bumps on the lower mountain became softer and the groomers got a little new stuff to churn and smooth into the mix. For the busy weekend, the shifts were loaded and over the two days we covered almost all the terrain that ever gets a groom! With the high quality prevalent this season that meant a whole lot of mountain was not just accessible to the crowds, but also pretty darn enjoyable too!

IMG 20190216 165424

Saturday après as snow closes in on the summit – Feb  16

 Snow was blowing in pretty hard as we prepared for the torchlight parade and fireworks on Saturday evening, meaning goggles on and low-light lenses in for participants. 10cm from the system finishing up on Sunday morning was a treat for the increased traffic, and in addition to great quality grooming, we had fresh powder play on the sides of runs, and through trees in the likes of Millennium and Founders Ridge. Windloading into Surf and Taynton provided for boot deep turns in the top half on open terrain before soft loose powder on the bumps through Funnel. Cool upper mountain temperatures since that snow fell, helped to maintain conditions, and meant that the best early morning turns were not over subscribed – while the fair-weather crew stayed in bed, the early birds caught more than worms! Heading out back mid-week, we still easily found some ankle to boot deep turns on Wednesday, without going even halfway along the ridge, and soft packed snow through the lower open areas.

IMG 20190216 205459

Fireworks light up over Mile One - Feb 16

So, among some gorgeous blue sky days, we’ve been graced with periods of snow, and now the forecast into next weekend sees another system rolling in from the NW, with snowfall from 5-10cm looking likely on most models. This is the situation we found ourselves in a week ago, and that turned out better than OK, so keep the fingers crossed on a repeat performance!

IMG 20190220 143304

Dropping in past Devil’s – still powder to play in! - Feb 20

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