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Skiing & Snowboarding

Welcome to one of North America's great mountains.

It's the biggest terrain you've never skied.

With 2,847 massive acres of terrain across 4,000 vertical feet of fall line perfection, you just might find a new favourite run with every descent. Glide down endless, meandering, corduroy cruisers, or watch future Olympians rip down meticulously manicured race courses. Tackle the freshly gladed, powdery paradise of Taynton Bowl, with its over 750 acres of ex-heliskiing glory, or drop in to the Extreme Dream Zone and see if your turns are tighter than the spacing of the trees. From absolute beginner to World Cup champion, Panorama Mountain Village is the definition of one size fits all.

Can't quite put your finger on it.

It’s like that certain piece of music. You love it but can’t exactly say why. Skiers and riders from around the world express the same thing about our mountain. Why does it seem so perfect to glide down? We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s the fall line. Panorama Mountain has been blessed with the finest figure in Canada. It’s like a perfectly shaped cone. The Mile 1 Quad lets all levels explore lower slopes with ease. The Champagne Express increases your adventure, opening the gate to endless blue and black trails. And the Summit Chair is your gateway to jaw dropping new challenges in the Extreme Dream Zone and Taynton Bowl. Top to bottom (the full 4,000 vertical feet), it’s the fall line that makes the difference.

With tons of features and variety, this park is built for serious FUN! Panorama's Rockstar Terrain Park features jumps, spines, rails, boxes and freestyle moguls to accommodate riders of all abilities.
Targeted opening January 2014

Freestyle riders will find berms and  whoops in the Rockstar Terrain Park’s permanent Skier and Boarder Cross track. The track runs down the length of Eagle Glide.

Features include:
  • Two 24' flat boxes
  • Flat down box
  • Double kink box
  • Double kink rail
  • Battleship box
  • Two new 24' down street rails
  • Whale tail box
  • 40' flat bar rail
  • C rail
Get your practice in for the Syndicate Rail Jams!


Safety First

Safety comes first at Panorama. The Rockstar Terrain Park is located on Hogg's Flats, with the entrance clearly marked and gated. Be sure to read the warning signs at the top of the park. Be aware of changing conditions throughout the day and ride within your abililty at all times. You should inspect the entire park before attempting any features. Remember to use a spotter and do not stop or stand on top of any features or in landing areas.

The Rockstar Terrain Park is maintained and supervised by two Panorama staff members, our 'Park Rangers'. Our park rangers help educate users on progression and etiquette, ensure all features are safe, and suggest appropriate features to match the skill level of riders.


When the sun goes down the lights will come up on the Showoff run for night-skiing. Guests can ride the Mile 1 high-speed chairlift to ski 1200 vertical feet and enjoy a mile-long night skiing area.
Night skiers can perfect their technique ready for the next day or just have fun with friends cruising down into the heart of the village. Enjoy riding under the lights down Showoff and Hoggsflats.

Night skiing takes place Friday and Saturday and during the holidays. Check our hours of operation page for details.

Looking for a way to see Panorama Mountain the way the locals do? Want to see where your level of skiing ability will take you on the mountain? Look no further than to our Mountain Friends! These friendly folks know all the best terrain and are willing to show you where to get the best turns. Let our Mountain Friends be your guide to the mountain.

"If you want to join the Panorama Mountain Friends - distinctive in their bright yellow jackets at their 10:00 a.m. meeting place - you'll find they are a godsend for newbies to the hill or those wanting to ski with a compatible-standard group. With guides for green/blue, blue/black, and black run skiers, the amiable hosts show you the slopes with knowledge and enthusiasm. Using this free service is the difference between an average day's skiing and a signature day". -Louise Hudson, The Calgary Sun.

Tours run daily at 10:00am and 1:30pm.

2 Hours - FREE

so, what are you waiting for?

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